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Knowledgable Assistance With Estate Planning

Making decisions about the end of your life can be unsettling. Some people choose to put it off until it is too late. Unfortunately, when this happens, it  can leave your family with expensive and stressful legal complications. This can increase the possibility of conflict and may cause rifts in the fabric that binds your family together. You owe it to your family and to yourself to take the time to plan your estate. As an estate planning attorney in Fairfield County, Connecticut, I can help you set up an estate plan that meets your needs.

My name is Richard H. Saxl, and I have been helping people with estate planning and probate issues for more than 35 years. I will work closely with you to determine your needs and find the right solution to solve your problems, quickly and inexpensively. I will listen to your articulated needs, wants and desires and will help you set up a structure that will protect you as you get older and will allow you to leave your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries when the time comes.

Last Will And Testament 

Although it is called your “last will and testament,” your will is a document that you may want to revise as situations in your life change. For instance, if you get divorced, lose a spouse, or remarry, you need to consider how you want your property to be divided between your first and second family. As the size of your assets fluctuates, you may need to revise your estate plan by executing a new will.

When you retain me as your lawyer, I will not only help you establish or revise an estate plan, I will help you update it as the years go by. You may decide to add a power of attorney, a trust or advance health care directives, also referred to as a living will. I can help you keep your estate planning documents up to date.

Contact Me For Help

Call my Westport office at 203-222-8422 or contact me online to schedule an appointment. I handle estate plans of all sizes and complexities.